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The BIBLE of EVERYTHING Emmily Banks knows about making the switch to the best natural brands and products! Discover your skin type and tone, personalised product recommendations for YOU and so much more. This is your one stop, comprehensive guide of EVERYTHING you could EVER need to know about making the switch and loving your skin from the inside out and outside in!

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We have separated this Ebook into 2 parts…

Part 1 - Why switch to natural? What toxins should you avoid? All our inner beauty tips for glowing skin, and a full guide to beginning your beauty detox BUY HERE

Part 2 - What’s your skin type? Your personalised skincare regime, what’s your skin tone? Natural foundation and concealer 101, knowing your coverage and your personalised makeup kit BUY HERE

Or why not have the full experience and by the Switch to Natural Bundle here…


The Switch To Natural Ebook Bundle is the result of countless requests from beautiful, conscious women around the world seeking answers.

  • How do you easily make the switch?

  • What are the products we recommend switching first?

  • Which of the hundreds if not thousands of tried and tested natural beauty brands do we hand on heart support and love?

  • How can you start this journey to natural beauty - cultivating beauty WITHIN, and WITHOUT?

By purchasing Part 1 and Part 2, you get immediate access to:

  • Emmily’s story - why she started Depths of Beauty and how she became one of the world’s leading natural makeup artists and the voice of authority on natural beauty

  • WHY making the switch is so important - for your health, our animals and the environment

  • A toxic hit-list breakdown of all the ingredients to watch out for, and why

  • A resource list of the tools WE use at Depths of Beauty to determine how ‘natural’ a product actually is (greenwashing anyone?)

  • Inner Beauty - Switch to Natural covers ALL things cultivating beauty from WITHIN - because this is where true beauty shines

  • Full lists of ALL of our favourite tested an trialled products from personal care, skincare and makeup - including links to easily find them!

  • What’s Your Skin Type? - a simple survey to determine your skin type and why this matters when choosing products

  • Your Personalised Skincare Regime - a skincare regime outline by product type depending on your skin type and budget - making it SUPER EASY to make the switch

  • What’s Your Skin Tone? - a guide to discovering your skin tone, and Emmily’s product and colour recommendations for you

  • Foundation 101 - everything from colour matching, to coverage depending on your skin type and tone. This is often the trickiest part when making the switch to natural - but we’ve done all the work for you!

  • Your Personalised Makeup Kit - now that you have the basics, what products are going to perform the best on YOUR skin? We detail everything - from recommended brands, to colour specifics

  • Makeup Artist tips and tricks to get more from less and create quick, flawless radiant beauty looks

  • ALL of the resources needed to find our favourite brands and products, including special discounts

The Switch to Natural Ebook Bundle is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to make the switch to natural beauty, but have no idea where to start

  • You have already started switching some products to natural alternatives, and would like to learn more about which brands and products perform and why

  • You have made the full switch to natural, and are ready to cultivate beauty from within

  • You are stuck as to what foundation type and shade best suits you

  • You would like to know more about your skin type and how this impacts the products you should be using

  • You don’t know what your skin tone is

  • You are seeking a resource list of brands and products that have been tried and tested, and are 100% guaranteed to tick ALL boxes: being natural, organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free and sustainable

  • You are committed to conscious consumption and believe knowledge is power!

  • If you’re reading this, your transition to natural beauty has already begun. Our hope is that this ebook will not only provide you with the knowledge and support to wholeheartedly embrace this process, but that it will also leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and motivated to make ethical, conscious choices.

  • There’s a huge element of self-love involved in properly nurturing and nourishing our bodies and each of us deserves the opportunity to love the skin we’re in. It’s time to reconnect to your inner beauty through a conscious and authentic celebration of your outer beauty… let the fun, body lovin’ begin!