All-In-One Foundation, Moisturiser, And UV Protection



La Mav is is certified organic, certified cruelty free, Australian made and guaranteed to be free from harsh chemicals, fillers, talc, sulphates, GM ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and artificial colours and fragrances. La Mav is committed to educating and increasing awareness about the importance of natural and organic living that is good for you, good for the planet and good for generations to come. Further Brand info found here.


La Mav BB creme  is an all in one foundation, moisturiser and provides UV protection from a natural ingredient, titanium dioxide (non nano-particle form). It is infused with Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil and includes other highly moisturising and healing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. It also now comes in TWO shades - so there's one for paler beauties too!


It provides really decent, medium coverage - enough to use as a daily foundation. It is easy to apply with hands or a brush and blends well, due to the moisturising ingredients. The finish is matte - though once worn for a couple of hours, the oils definitely combine with your skins oils to create a very dewy glow. 


I love it! It's great for summer or people with an active lifestyle, i.e if you work outdoors or exercise in the sun a lot. A small amount also goes a long way, so it should last you a good couple of months. I would definitely recommend this BB cream if you're wanting a 2 in one flawless moisturiser/foundation that gives great coverage. If you're after a lighter BB creme - check this out!


  • LIGHTER COVERAGE: Add a drop of your moisturiser to the BB cream to make a lighter coverage foundation. 
  • MIX FOUNDATIONS: If you mainly want to utilize the SPF protection, mix a drop with your regular foundation. I often mix this BB cream with other foundations to create desired look/coverage depending on occasion.
  • OILY SKIN: La Mav BB cream is full of moisturising ingredients so if you already have very oily skin, you may not need to be using additional moisturising formulas, like a BB cream. 
  • PALE SKIN: The BB cream comes in two colours, one which suits medium to medium dark skin, and a lighter one for beauties with pale skin. 

MY FRIENDS HONEST OPINIONS - I talked this product up so much that I unintentionally ended up convincing 3 of my friends to try it out..

This is their two bobs worth: 

"Provides great day coverage with teh added bonus of sun protection and yet still feels light on the skin"- Rachel, The Baseline

"I have sensitive and acne prone skin so I love that I can apply La Mav’s organic BB creme knowing that I’m not adding any toxins that might irritate or clog my pores. I love the way it evens out my skin tone, concealing redness, has great staying power without feeling heavy and provides natural protection from the sun. The texture is matte without looking dry, it just makes natural skin look healthier." Maryanne, Organically Wealthy 

"La Mav BB cream is a delight to use and gives a beautiful, even skin tone with minimum fuss. Its the kind of product that you know does everything you need without too much effort on your part!" Vicki-

NOTE: When I test or trial a product, I usually wear it for at least 1 week to see how it performs on different days and makes my skill feel. Everyone's skin is different and everyone may suit different products. These reviews are my personal opinion. I would love any feedback as to your opinion also, as it ultimately helps me to guide people in the right direction with an unbiased view. 

Where to Find

This product can be found at numerous online natural beauty stores - samples can also be ordered too.. (yay!)

I received this product from fabulous online Natural Beauty store Beautiful Because - click link to shop product. - for further brand info & Ingredients list 

* I would like to point out that I don't think any one foundation, moisturiser, BB cream, or any makeup product for that matter suits absolutely EVERYONE - hence why I like to do reviews to help you decide if this product is best for you and your skins needs..