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(n.): the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives           pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit

In other words, beauty is subjective. What blows the wind up my skirt, may not even cause the slightest flutter of yours. And thank god for that. What a dull place this planet would be if we could box beauty up within a simple set of parameters. Don’t get me wrong. We try. And therein lies the problem. 

We can never truly experience and appreciate beauty while we are trying to conform to somebody else’s idea of it. Instead we face the possibility of spending a lifetime striving and struggling towards it, whilst always falling just short. Sound like fun? Don’t think so.

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Image via Favim

True beauty comes from within.

Yes, I know this is a huge cliche but hold the eye rolls. It has been used to death for good reason. The kind of beauty I’m talking about is felt more than seen. It can’t be bought and it will not fade with age or time. 


Best of all, when you connect to this beauty, it will be reflected back to you tenfold. And no, I’m not just talking about in the mirror, although there’s a good chance you’ll start to see it there too.

So how do we reach this place of beauty? In theory, it’s simple. We bring it back to the baseline. We strip it back and reconnect with the things in life that make us radiate. 

What are the things that make you feel good at the deepest level?

You see each of us has a unique baseline; a special set of beliefs, practices and connections, that balance us. They are the non-negotiables (at least they should be) that fill us up and allow us to expand outward. When we are living from the baseline we are in our element and this is where our true beauty shines.

My baseline looks a little something like this: 8 hours sleep a night, meditation, nourishing home cooked food, meaningful conversations, ridiculous conversations, laughter, salt water, yoga, long brisk walks alone, chai tea and cheesecake, moon gazing, conversations with animals (mostly other people’s dogs in the street), clean hair, reading time, writing time, me time and the occasional margarita or three.

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Image via Tumblr

The list goes on. Sometimes I add, sometimes subtract. A perfect day would include all of these things, a good day, maybe three or four. But here, at my baseline, is where I find and FEEL my beauty. No make up, no mirrors, just me.

Bringing it back to the Baseline is not always a pretty process. It will take some time, some contemplation and some negotiation. But it is worth it, because unless you can make room for what lights you up beneath the surface, there are no amount of beauty products that will make you FEEL beautiful.