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Whilst I seem to be the ONLY natural and organic makeup artist in Australia, I am NOT the ONLY natural beauty expert, and thank goodness for that - we need as many natural beauty experts as possible to make big change in the world! Eco-conscious Beauty store owners are also a wealth of knowledge as they also have first hand contact with loaaads of brands, have the chance to test and trial them AND they also receive consistent customer feedback regarding the products their store stocks! 

So I thought it would be a great idea (yep thanks - I'm a thinker) to introduce you to one of my favourite store owners, the lovely Nina of Beautiful Because and share a few of her favourite, affordable yet effective products!

So without further ado... let's chat with my fellow Natural Beauty expert, Nina.

Beauty Editor to Eco Conscious Beauty Store Owner

From a young age I was addicted to makeup, but also loved writing. These two passions  combined when I worked as a beauty editor. After years of trying every brand I possibly could in search of the holy beauty grail, I woke up to the reality that most are tarred with the same toxic brush! I strongly believe we shouldn’t have to fear the chemicals in our personal care and became frustrated by major players in the industry caring little about their customers’ health and the processes involved in manufacturing their products (be it environmental impact, work practices, animal testing, etc). 

True natural brands take a holistic approach to their formulas and consider the effects of their products both on our skin and our planet. After discovering sophisticated natural formulas and ingredients I could wholeheartedly advocate, I decided to help others ditch the unhealthy, toxic ones by creating an educational platform for the finest eco brands. Beautiful Because stands for beauty that’s better – cleaner on so many levels. 

Super selective about the brands we stock, my favourite products contain clinically-proven organic ingredients, are sophisticated, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Some of my everyday beauty essentials, great for those on a budget and wanting to make the swap to natural, include:


Deodorant – Black Chicken Axilla $18.50

Switching to a healthy deodorant should be a priority. Aluminium has been found in breast tissue (Exley et al. 2007), and the way conventional deodorants block our body’s sweat glands is also very unhealthy as we need to perspire and release toxins through the pores. But, I know what you’re thinking – that natural deodorants just don’t bust BO. Well, if you think that, you can’t have tried Axilla Deodorant Paste – it may take a little getting used to but really works!

Makeup remover – Madara Micellar Water $22

I used to use a well-known French brand of micellar water, now the trend seems to be everywhere but there are few 100% natural formulas on the market, with the exception of Madara. Madara’s is divine, gently removing every trace of makeup and leaving skin feeling fresh and soft thanks to its blend of aloe, North Peony and hyaluronic acid molecules which provide hydration.

Moisturiser – Weleda Skin Food From $14.95

This is a very handy skin saviour indeed, and comes in two sizes, including a 30ml perfect for handbags and on-the-go – I use it as a hand moisturiser but good for any areas of dry skin and irritation, and can be used on the face too. The formula has not changed since Weleda launched it in 1926! Calming 100% natural plant extracts are gently blended with enriching sunflower and sweet almond oils and waxes to provide a fine protective barrier against the environment.

If you are looking for a multitasking concealer and foundation in one, W3ll People Narcissist Stick Foundation cannot be beaten on quality, performance and price! The creamy formula instantly melts into skin giving it a fresh, healthy glow. The modern stick design is ideal for portability and mess-proof application anytime, anywhere. A flawless finish is easy with this product.

Once you find a mascara that suits, it can be hard to change to something new, but you won’t be disappointed with Lily Lolo. Their intensely black mineral mascara is excellent for creating buildable, smudge-proof, doe-eyed definition. The natural, mineral formula is gentle, protecting and vegan-friendly. Great value, great quality! It’s a makeup bag must.

Lipstick – Karen Murrell Lipsticks $26.95

Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks have to be my go-to for quality and affordability. A great, high-pigment colour range that is soft, conditioning and long-lasting. Better still, they are eco-friendly, with a biodegradable canister, and cruelty-free. The stylish packaging also looks rather pretty on my dressing table! My fave shades right now include Orchid Bloom, Coral Dawn and True Love.

Eyebrows naturally frame the face, and can enhance or soften your features depending on their shape. I always say no makeup look is complete without beautiful brows! Ere Perez’s Perfect brow pencil is ideal for filling in any gaps and adding definition, and suits most hair shades. 

***Check out some of our other brow products, such as EcoBrow Wax if you want a product that specifically matches your hair and skin tone.

There are lots of natural perfumes I love, and it’s definitely a product worth switching as regular fragrances contain a whole host of respiratory disruptors and toxic synthetics. Plant and flower essences also smell much nicer than laboratory synthesised ones. Anyways, Vanessa Megan has made some delicious essential oil based scents, with Darling being my fave.

So, there you have some of my fave swaps to natural, demonstrating you can go green on a budget! Now if you can’t switch your whole beauty routine all in one go, gradually replace products as and when you can; I recommend starting with your deodorant first, followed by any products that are meant to be absorbed into the skin such as moisturiser and foundation. 

Remember natural products are an investment in your skin’s health too! Visit Beautiful Because to shop natural beauty and discover more. Nina is also offering 10% off your first order using discount code: SWAPNATURAL