Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer + Blush


  • They are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients including non gmo rice powder - plus they also provide a natural SPF of 15+ 
  • The texture is silky smooth for easy application that blends naturally into the skin
  • They are highly pigmented, so you can use sparingly (meaning they will last a long time!)
  • All compacts come in DUO’s, so you can chose the colour best suited to your skin tone whilst changing seasons! Its like getting 2 for 1!?

IMAGES BELOW Makeup – Emmily Banks using Ere Perez Bronzer | Alexandra Redmond Jewellery | Images – Julia Trotti  | Model – Natalie (Natty) B



  • Below Cheek Bones/ Contour - Apply darker shade of matte bronzer (finger width) underneath cheek-bone to create definition
  • Forehead - apply lightly to top of forehead where sun would normally tan
  • Jaw Line – apply along jawline to create the illusion of a more defined “feminine” facial structure
  • All over – depending on the bronzed look you are aiming to create, you can lightly apply over entire face for a radiant SUNKISSED look. Be careful to only apply very lightly and evenly using a big kabuki or blush brush and DO NOT use the shimmer bronzer for this style of application.


  • Apply on apples of cheeks for a healthy rosy glow!


  • EYESHADOW - Remember you can also apply bronzer and blush to your eyelids as an eye shadow! I often use bronzer along the socket line of of the eyes!
  • LIPSTAIN - If you forget your lipstick when you head out, you can use your blush as a lip-stain! Just add a touch of lip balm over the top and Voillla!

For more info on Ere Perez Cosmetics - please check out their website here ERE PEREZ 

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