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Lee Sutherland is one inspiring lady! Not only is she a kick-ass personal trainer, helping ladies in Sydney to look and feel amazing, she is also a successful entrepreneur, health coach, blogger, maker of delicious organic teas AND soon to be Mum!

Here’s what Lee had to say about her fave healthy foods, budding business empire and how to feel naturally beautiful.

A little about you? I am originally from country WA, wayyyy north of Perth (about 7 hours) so I was raised in wide open spaces, surrounded by animals and real food. I have lived in Sydney with the hubby (and pup!) for about 8 years now and the older I get the more I crave that space again. My background is in Natural Health Science (Herbal Medicine/Nutrition), and I have recently added Master Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Blogger and now tea maker to the list! I am also 30 weeks pregnant so that is also a whole new thing on its own!

Little Wildling Co.

Little Wildling Co.

Tell us a little about Little Wildling Co & Fitness in The City? My first babies! So while they are two separate businesses, both are passions of mine and I love them equally! Little Wildling Co  is organic, wild-grown herbal teas that are a little different… they are for the rule breakers, the inspired, the dreamers, tea lovers, the wild ones. Think less brown paper bag and a little ‘edgier’ – matte black tins and pouches, they are stunning! All are medicinally blended, but more importantly, they taste amazing. They only launched in late April (the Instagram account launched a bit earlier to help create the ‘vision’ during the early stages) but they have been in my head for over 15 years, so they have been a long time coming.

Fitness In The City is a holistic approach to personal training and bootcamp. I always have a super in-depth consult before we begin so everything is taken into account. Everyone is different and therefore requires different approaches, plus integrating health coaching principles just makes sense! The blog, was again something that started as a way to help a wider audience other than just Sydney. I began this while I was still working at a record label (yes I am a big slashie!) but I felt the pull to return to my roots and help people. It has all evolved from there.

Lee Sutherland

Any exciting projects you’re currently working on and feeling inspired by? Little Wildling Co is really inspiring me at the moment, having an actual tangible product to give people to help them have little moments of goodness and health throughout the day is pretty awesome. Also the whole pregnancy thing is a crazy journey and a project in itself!


What do you find most beautiful in life? Nature, animals, intimate moments with your loved ones, greenery, tears – I can pretty much find the beauty in anything!

When do you feel most beautiful and why? Well this has certainly changed from my younger years where I needed to be dressed up in heels in full makeup to feel beautiful!! Now, with confidence and a little wisdom… that of course is totally different! It is first thing in the morning, after a workout, that first dive into freezing water and coming up for a breath, a kiss from my partner. It is less superficial and more a feeling of contentment.

Fitness In The City

Your favourite beauty foods? Oh so many! And that’s because all food in its natural state has the potential to nourish and get you glowing!! Fresh fruit and veggies, avos, coconut (everything) and salmon for their good fats, dark raw cacao choccie… hello antioxidants!

Your favourite natural beauty product and why? I will always love mineral foundation powder because it seriously helped transform my skin. Eight years ago, thanks to moving to a new city and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), my skin went from clear to severe painful breakouts. It was at this time that I started to move away from ‘commercial’ makeup and products that were really just a chemical sh*t storm in cool packaging! And you know what, I don’t miss any of them (sorry Mac). Instead I use products like Ere Perez’s mascara (hello lush lashes!), natural deodorants that actually work, facial oils, all with the confidence that my body is in no danger of absorbing any baddies.

Another new fave product that I love is Vanessa Megan Mummy's Tummy Pregnancy Oil. It smells seriously good and is a certified organic body oil specifically designed for pregnant women. The oil is a blend of jojoba, rosehip, coconut, grape seed, tangerine and neroli essential oils which helps to support the skin's elasticity during the months of pregnancy (yessss) needless to say I am slathering it on like there is no tomorrow!!!

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