Kjaer Weis is a stunning eco-luxe, organic beauty brand that is giving mainstream luxury (toxic) beauty brands a serious run for their money .. with good reason! 

* Warning - high chance of falling head-over-heals in love, with the potential to become obsessed with this brand.. ;)


Similar to the creation of RMS beauty, Kjaer Weis was founded by Danish-born makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis after she started to notice the short term impact mainstream cosmetics had on peoples skin (i.e. ALL of her clients/models experiencing rashes and breakouts from particular products and ingredients). She then began to question the long-term effects of all the toxins and chemicals laden products and was inspired to look for the safer, natural alternatives. 

She went on to experiment with natural options but realised they just weren't achieving the same results..... there seemed to be no middle ground between the two in the cosmetics marketplace!

 This was the divide Kirsten looked to bridge when she began an 8 year journey to develop Kjær Weis; to fulfill a desire and demand for high-performance colour cosmetics that were made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, all without compromising luxury or contemporary design."

Kjaer Weis was born with the philosophy of being:

 "luxurious, organic, harm free, high performance and green". 

                                      Kjaer Weis IMAGE

                                      Kjaer Weis IMAGE

As you can see, all of the products are packaged in seriously beautiful metal, REFILL compacts. So you only need to invest in the silver compacts once, then you can just order refills when you run out!! HUGE TICK - Talk about sustainability!

I can certainly vouch for the fact that Kjaer Weis is a top quality, certified organic brand with high performance. Its especially perfect for those people who are lovers of luxurious things.. say hello to your healthier Dior and Chanel alternative!

Here's a review of some of my favourite products which can ALL be found at EMPORIO ORGANICO - the best Eco Store to find Kjaer Weis in Aus.


This cream compact foundation is gorgeous! It's perfect for everyday wear and special events. 

Coverage - Depending on your application technique, it can provide medium to full coverage. It's probably one of the 'longest lasting' foundations in the Natural Beauty world I have tried, so it's ideal for special occasions, i.e weddings and events, etc. It is also great for the Summer months as it performs well when the skin is slightly oilier. 

Best suited to - It is ideally suited to those with normal to oily skin. It leaves a matte finish, so it's important to prep the skin with a natural moisturiser or oil before hand if you would like a dewier look.

Application - The cream is best applied with a sponge or firm synthetic brush then blended out with fingers for a flawless finish. The foundation is available in a wide range of colour options, so everyone will be able to find their perfect-match-shade! Woohoo.



Some of the first words that comes to mind when I think of Kjaer Weis's products are creamy, velvety and smooth. The blush is no exception! It blends in to the skin SO flawlessly that it will look as though it really is your own natural pink flush! Best applied with fingers or sponge. 



The bronzer is a compact cream that gives a beautiful medium-toned golden glow. It has a light shimmer, so it also acts as a highlighter for darker skin tones. Its best suited for medium to darker skin tones to add a radiant summer bronze hue. 



The highlighter is fabulous for editorial work as it is very reflective with plenty of shimmer throughout - so it picks up well on camera! It reflects a white-ish highlight that compliments light to medium skin tones.  It is a little more shimmery than other highlighters I have trialled, so you really don't need to use much to get the desired effect, meaning it will last you forever and a day.. 


Have you tried Kjaer Weis? Please let us know in the comments below if you have any favourites from the range! We would love to hear and share your thoughts!