Maryanne Edwards, founder of Organically Wealthy, epitomises the idea of beauty from the inside out. I’ve known this beautiful soul for many years and have followed her journey from accomplished fashion designer to Yoga teacher, business owner and wellness blogger. She’s one of those amazing sorts that makes you feel calm, grounded and down right good, just by being in her presence. I caught up with Mez to learn and share her secrets to living a soulFULL life.

Maryanne Edwards Organically Wealthy

A little about you? I'm in love with yoga (seriously I could do it all day everyday), I'm blessed to share it with others as my 'work'. I also love to dance, curl up with a book and tea, walk by the ocean or lie in the grass. I'm a health nut that gets excited about green juice, micro-nutrients and raw vegan treats! I love that it's a growing trend, healthy is the new black, ha!

A little about Organically Wealthy? Organic Wealth is those aspects of your life that make you feel rich or soulFULL. Integrative nutritionists call it primary food - the parts of our lives that truly nourish us - Relationship, Career, Joy, Tribe & Health. Further to the pursuit of those things is the acceptance and appreciation that wherever we are on the path is the perfect place for us to be. External circumstances won't always be as we desire but the internal sense of contentment is available always. The laws of resonance will favour that sense of abundance and add to it. 

Any exciting projects you’re currently working on and feeling inspired by? Next week I am furthering my yoga studies with a teacher I find inspiring, Jasmine Tarkeshi, who is visiting Sydney from the states. I'm also planning some workshops and an urban retreat, as well as teaching on a training of new yoga teachers. I'm super excited to visit India at the end of September with my meditation teacher, Jacqui Lewis from The Broad Place, including a week of the Ayurvedic detox ritual Panchakarma.


What do you find most beautiful in life? Nature, in many expressions - the ocean, sunshine, a full moon, plants, humans!! Fascinating creatures that we are. 

In what ways can Yoga help us to achieve beauty from the inside out? Yoga encourages acceptance of the whole package, imperfections and all, in fact yoga suggests that the parts of yourself that challenge you or that you dislike are the doorways to your evolution. Your imperfections are your gifts.

Your favourite Beauty Foods? Tea!! Green and herbal blends. Green juice. Broccoli. Kefir and Kombucha for gut health. A good quality raw vegan chocolate is so good for the soul. I'm loving turmeric at the moment too, in a warm nut milk or sprinkled on baked cauliflower. 

Your favourite natural beauty product and why? I like clay masks for cleansing, softening and reducing pore size. My skin always feels fresh and calm but not dry after. 


Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant

Black Chicken Deodorant Paste is the first natural deodorant I've found that actually works to eliminate odour while still letting the skin breathe and sweat as it should. I've tried so many natural deodorants that just don't work but I hate the idea of putting mainstream ones under my arms as I know they are full of toxic chemicals going straight into my bloodstream and they usually block the pores to prevent perspiration which is a normal bodily function.


I have sensitive and acne prone skin so I love that I can apply La Mav’s Organic BB creme knowing that I’m not adding any toxins that might irritate or clog my pores. I love the way it evens out my skin tone, concealing redness, has great staying power without feeling heavy and provides natural protection from the sun. The texture is matte without looking dry, it just makes natural skin look healthier.


If you want to learn more about Maryanne head over to her website Organically Wealthy, or check out her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages x

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