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natural mascara

natural mascara


Our eyes are a super precious, vital and VERY sensitive organs - agreed?

So, to me, it makes sense that we try our best NOT to put dangerous, toxic chemicals near them - yes?

Unfortunately, most mainstream brands formulas include a long list of toxic ingredients.. a few of the predominant culprits below:

Coal Tar Dyes - contain heavy metals and is carcinogenic

Fragrance - highly irritating to eyes

Formaldahyde - known carcinogen and all round very BAD news

Parabens - synthetic preservatives, irritating and harmful to skin and eyes

BHA & BHT - more preservatives that are carcinogenic and very harmful

There are a few more but this should be enough to get you thinkin'... 


Mascara's are one of the easiest products to switch! Unlike foundations, bronzers, blush and eyeshadow - you don't need to worry about "colour matching" or pigment strength.

We are uber blessed to have SO many incredible, natural, non toxic formulas on the market now! No need to sacrifice the health and safety of your eye's any longer! Woohoooo!

I have listed 5 brands of Mascara's I have tested below (in order of rating) - though there is plenty more available that work wonders these days! 

FACT - I used to get very stingy, red and inflamed eyes from wearing mascaras - but since my transition to natural, no irritation for me! 


organic mascara


This mascara is the bee's knees. It stays on well, helps lashes look thick and lush.. it's SERIOUSLY GOOD STUFF. Plus it comes with an amazing long thin wand appilcator, making it perfect for getting really close up towards base of the lash line! $39.95  FIND ME HERE 


This mascara is also the bee's knees.. makes lashes long, thick and lush (same as above really!).. plus it comes in beautiful, luxe, sleek packaging for those who like fancy pretty things (like seriously, who doesn't?).. RRP $38.00 available at Mecca.

3. Lily Lolo Mascara 

This mascara is fab (especially for the price!!).. Definitely the perfect "middle man" mascara - not too thick, not too thin and non irritating. Its the pick for you if you don't like mascara too thick or too thin.. safe playing ground here - very similar to Ere Perez (below). $24.00 FIND ME HERE 

4. Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara

This mascara is great and a really good option for those who don't need or like the heavier duty stuff, if you like a light to medium coat - this pup is for you! Plus its super reasonably priced for quality and effectiveness! $29.95 FIND ME HERE

4. 100% Pure - Black Tea Mascara

This mascara is good, super natural ingredients, smells nice (which is rare for a mascara), provides a nice light to medium coat on the lashes, again this is good for those who like a softer look or already have thick black lashes and only need or want bit of extra oomph.... plus its really affordable!! $26.95 FIND ME HERE 

5. Lavera MASCARA

This mascara has quite a thin formula but still does the job. If you're someone who is already blessed with thick dark lashes, this mascara would be fine for you to add a tiny bit of shine. It's also found in a lot of wholefood retail stores and online so if you're in a rush and have no option but this baby, it will get the job done - just not as well as the above. $31.95 

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