GOSH I LOVE discovering, supporting and introducing YOU to new natural, certified organic, ethical and cruelty free brands and businesses who are doing so much good in this world! It is my mission to bring YOU the best quality natural products and brands that not only perform but that give a hoot about our health and the planets!

MOKOSH is certainly no exception.

Mokosh offers an outrageously beautiful range of cleansers, face and body oils, balms and creams plus products suited to men, babies, pregnant woman and those with sensitive skin.

I have totally fallen for this beautifully, luxurious, organic, cruelty free, ethically made brand.. and I think you might too once reading this blog.. 

“Mokosh Products Have Been Created Using The Holistic Principles Of Ayurveda, Where Only The Purest, Raw Ingredients Are Considered For The Care Of Your Skin.”
— Marion, Mokosh

So you will only find the below ingredients in their natural form in their products

  • Pure unrefined oils
  • Dried plants
  • Fruits
  • Clays


  • Certified Organic (using 95%-100% certified organic ingredients!)
  • Palm Oil free
  • Fair Trade
  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Hand Crafted in small batches in Western Australia
  • Water Free (meaning up to 5 times the concentration of standard skin care!)
  • Able to last on the shelf for two-years

Mokosh also donates a portion of all sales to The Orangutan Project along with regular donations to a variety of social and environmental causes.




Before I review some of my favourite tested and trialled products below, I just want to point out one major difference of  Mokosh to many other skincare brands..

“The Major Difference Between Our Products And Others Is That Mokosh Products Are Formulated Without Water, Enabling Us To Leave Out The Preservatives And Emulsifiers. Since Lotions And Creams Contain Up To 80% Water, Mokosh Moisturisers Are Up To 5 Times More Concentrated. This Means You Need To Apply Only One Fifth The Amount Of A Water-Containing Cream, Which Makes Them Very Long-Lasting Indeed!”
— Marion, MOKOSH

Mokosh has also been made with holistic principles of Ayurveda..

“We Looked At The Ancient Medical Tradition, Ayurveda, For Guidance In Formulating Our Range. We Use Only Pure Plant Foods In Our Products, Ingredients That Support The Body’s Natural Healing And Regenerative Processes. To Our Minds, ‘Beauty’ Is Synonymous With Health, And Is Achieved Using Real, Pure Ingredients Tailored To The Individual. Synthetic Substances Should Not Be A Part Of Our Diet, Nor Should They Be Part Of Our Skin Care.”
— Marion, Mokosh


Emmily Banks Portfolio | Sarah davidson model

Emmily Banks Portfolio | Sarah davidson model




FACE CLEANSING POWDER This face cleansing powder is an incredible multi-tasking product that includes oatmeal, neem powder, lemon peel powder, coconut powder, rose petals, wheatgrass powder, tulsi leaf and argiletz green clay to gently cleanse, exfoliate and purify the skin. FIND MORE INFO HERE

MASK AND SPOT TREATMENT You can also use as a spot treatment or face mask: Prepare and apply as for cleansing and leave for 15-20 minutes or until skin begins to feel tight. Wet and rinse mask away thoroughly. 

TO USE  simply mix a teaspoon of the dry powder into a little water or rosewater mist, which activates and emulsifies the product.  

My personal review: I totally love this powder. At first it was a little strange to work with as I am so used to liquid products, though I actually now quite like that its almost like a self care ritual. Its really calming to take an extra minute to yourself creating the paste and consciously giving your face a massage to ensure that its fully cleansed. It leaves my skin feeling lightly exfoliated and silky smooth! It really does work magic on the skin. 



PURE HYDROSOL TONER is made with pure, certified organic hydrosols, rose is balanced beautifully by melissa's citrus, giving a delightful uplifting scent. Use after cleansing to gently tone, refresh and balance.

TO USE Apply liberally after cleansing and before applying the Natural Face Oils or Rich Face Cream - it aids the products to spread and be easily absorbed. It also leaves your skin beautifully refreshed.

My Personal Review - Its no secret that I love mists! They help to cleanse, hyrdrate and nourish the skin which is exactly why I can't get enough of them! This toner is really fresh, light weight and only slightly scented, so great for those who have super sensitive skin or just don't like overly scented products. It makes my skin feel soooo freshhh and sooo cleannn.. ;) It's perfect to use after cleansing with the above powder and prior to moisturising. 



NATURAL FACE OIL for normal skin contains a blend of unrefined, organic and/or biodynamic oils, specially formulated for normal and combination skin. These oils contain the perfect blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep skin nourished and vital.

INGREDIENTS  (too good not to mention!) Certified biodynamic avocado oil, certified organic grapeseed oil, certified organic jojoba oil, certified organic apricot kernel oil, certified organic macadamia oil, certified organic evening primrose oil, certified organic essential oils of frankincense, geranium and lavender, rosemary leaf extract.

My Personal Review - Truthfully I don't believe there is any better "product" or ingredient that will nourish our skin like natural oils! I LOVE this oil blend (along with the Face Oil suited to DRY SKIN). It's such a beautiful balance of light weight, nourishing oils with healing essential oils that blend into the skin really easily, leaving minimal oily residue, rather just a soft, healthy glow. 

* I think these face oils are perfect for those people who might be sensitive to essential oils scents as they are only lightly scented - all being quite earthy as opposed to citrusy. 




This oil is a blend of the most nourishing, protective oils, perfect for dry skin that needs an additional nutritional boost together with protection from the elements.

INGREDIENTS Sesame oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, essential oils of frankincense and rose geranium, rosemary leaf extract.


This oil can be used as an overall body moisturiser, or as a cooling, grounding massage oil. It combines antioxidant-rich virgin coconut oil with vitamin-dense apricot kernel oil, and highly nutritious and anti-aging camellia oil. 

INGREDIENTS: Virgin coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, camellia oil, essential oil of sandalwood, rosemary leaf extract.

My Personal Review - I LOVE BODY OILS SO MUCH, so naturally, these body oils are two of my favourite products from the range I have trialled. They are super HEALING, NOURISHING and PROTECTIVE! They smell seriously delicious and provide such a radiant healthy glow. The sesame and frankincense has deep earthy smell (that I love) and the coconut and sandalwood has a slightly sweeter yet equally gorgeous aroma. 


Lip balm

This lip balm gently moisturises the lips, leaving a light sheen. Naturally flavoured with the subtle taste of organic coconut , it protects and soothes, promoting optimum health to this delicate area

My personal review - I can't go past a decent lip balm! I use them all-day-every-day so its VITAL that I have a good one at hand. First thing I noticed with this balm is that it smells and tastes seriously delicious, almost like honey.. good enough to eat ;). It provides a beautiful light moisturising gloss on the lips and makes them feel silky and smooth. All in all.. I'm a fan!


Makeup remover

A blend of gentle, light, soothing oils to remove all traces of makeup. It may also be used as a light oil cleanser,  easily picking up dirt and excess sebum.

INGREDIENTS Certified organic macadamia oil, certified organic apricot kernel oil, certified organic camellia oil and certified organic rosemary leaf extract.

My Personal Review - Oils are hands down the BEST makeup removers for a few reasons. 1. They work, yep they remove makeup, dirt and impurities faster than any other product! 2. They also nourish and hydrate your skin at the same time. 3. They last forever and a day because you only need to use the tiniest amount! The Mokosh makeup remover is a BEAUTIFUL blend of lightweight oils that work like magic in removing makeup. Yet another product I'm loving!


Pssst... Mokosh is also available in handy travel size,  so you can test a few products to  find your favourites before you commit to the full size (that will last forever! woohoo!). 

You can also find a ‘How to use Mokosh’ videos on the website which show how easy it is to use their products HERE


What inspired you to create Mokosh?

When I Started Researching How Skin Care Products Are Manufactured, I Was Concerned That All Skin Care Is Made Using The Same Basic Formula - A Formula Which, To My Mind, Is Flawed. Essentially, A Moisturiser Is Made From Oil, Which Does The Work Of Moisturising. The Oil Is Then Diluted With Water, So That The Oil Spreads Thinly Over The Skin. Most Of This Water Evaporates Within 20 Minutes, Playing No Part In Moisturising The Skin. In A Lotion, Water Makes Up Around 80% Of The Formula, Most Of Which Is Lost Into Thin Air!
This traditional oil/water formulation requires the addition of an emulsifier, a synthetic ingredient, to allow the oil and water to mix, while the presence of water requires the addition of a preservative, to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

A quick look at the preservatives available for use in skin care set off alarm bells in my mind. In the medical literature, preservatives have a long history of being declared safe initially - think ‘parabens’- and later are found to have long-term harmful effects. I felt it was not worth the risk of trusting preservatives currently considered safe, even those considered safe by organic standards. Emulsifiers are also synthetic, and some have been found to upset the water-retaining capacity of the skin, since they have the same chemical structure as detergent. In addition, most of them are made using palm oil which is an unsustainable and ecologically damaging product.

As a former veterinarian and medical researcher, I was determined not to include any ingredients in Mokosh products that could potentially cause harm, and set about creating a range free of both preservatives and emulsifiers and indeed, all synthetic ingredients.

Why did you decide to create your range using certified organic ingredients?

When Thinking About ‘Pure’ Skin Care, I Think Of Ingredients Derived From Pristine Plants, Grown In Healthy Soil, Without Artificial Pesticides, Fertilisers Or Hormones. The Only Way To Guarantee This Purity Is To Use Certified Organic Ingredients Where These Growing Standards Are Guaranteed. However, Pure Ingredients Are Only Part Of The Story – Supporting Organic Farming Ensures Sustainable Agriculture Remains A Viable Industry, Reduces The Amount Of Harmful Chemicals Contaminating Our Land And Waterways, And Protects Our Precious Ecosystems. Conventional Agriculture Reduces Biodiversity And In Many Cases Degrades The Soil, Making It Unsustainable. At This Critical Time, We Should Be Doing All We Can To Help Our Planet – Buying Organic Is A Powerful Way Each Of Us Can Make A Difference.


To find out more about Mokosh and to go in the draw to WIN the below Skin Care Pack (total value $168) .. come visit me on instagram @depthsofbeauty and @mokoshskincare and follow the steps to enter! 
Face Cleansing Powder – $43
Pure Hydrosol Toner – $35
Rich or Light Face Cream (their choice) – $49
Eye and Neck Serum – $41

Total value = $168.



* This is a sponsored post in partnership with Mokosh, all words and opinions are always my own. Thank you for understanding that testing a product can take days, weeks and sometimes months, in addition to generating original, honest and unique content (including imagery and reviews) which can also take several hours to generate. In order for Depths Of Beauty to have the resources to continue providing you with the best reviews, we need the support of brands we trust and love.