Well beauties, it's NATURAL BEAUTY WEEK - obviously one of my favourite weeks of the year!! Its about encouraging consumers everywhere to become more aware of the health and environmental impacts of chemicals used in everyday cosmetics, and to be more discerning about their day-to-day beauty practises. SO AWESOME!

Firstly, I am so excited that this week exists! Big thank you the fabulous College Of Natural Beauty for initiating and presenting If you haven't yet heard of CNB, then you need to.. here's a little more about the college's ethos..

"The College of Natural Beauty promotes natural connections between personal wellness, economic sustainability and the health of our environment. The College’s unique holistic approach to beauty education puts the body in harmony with nature, allowing us to feel healthier, stronger and more attractive." AMAZING RIGHT?

To acknowledge and bring greater awareness to the amazing Natural Beauty Week - I thought who better to chat with than the Natural Beauty Week Ambassador herself, the inspiringly beautiful eco-model, gentle living coach, writer and passionate educator, Amanda Rootsey.  


A little about you?

I was a model with Vivien’s Model Management while going through uni and then I went overseas and worked as a model throughout Europe. When I got home, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer in the lymphatic system. This knocked me completely sideways and I turned my life around. I ditched the work-a-holic, people-pleasing, party girl and went vegan, started meditating, simplified my life (we lived in a recycled shipping container for a while there – totally off the grid!) and found a peace and happiness I’d never experienced before.

What made you want to become the ambassador for Natural Beauty Week (why is this cause so close to your heart?)

Natural Beauty Week is a cause close to my heart because I believe it’s time for us all to simplify and make the switch to a more natural way of life.   I spent many years with all sorts of chemical-laden cosmetics lathered on to my skin as a model and I ended up with cancer by the age of 24.  I’m sure all those chemicals didn’t help!  So it just made me realise that we have to be our own watchdogs and treat our beautiful bodies with love and respect, supporting them with natural products.   If we can encourage people to gradually switch to natural then I’m sure their bodies and the environment will thank them for it.  

When did Natural Beauty Week start and why?

Natural Beauty Week started in 2013 to raise awareness of the health and environmental impacts of chemicals used in cosmetics and beauty products for the third year. Visitors to the site will find inspiration on where to start when making the switch, how to read labels more effectively, understand which ingredients to watch out for and ideas for skin-loving beauty foods.

How many people have made the pledge to switch to natural since the campaign started?

We’ve seen 1200 beauty enthusiasts bin their products containing harmful chemicals and switch to brands with no nasties or roll up their sleeves and concoct their own products from scratch. On top of that we have a waiting list of cosmetics brands, bloggers and experts interested in partnering with us to support the campaign.

How has it grown over the years and how can people get involved?

It’s been incredible to watch Natural Beauty Week grow over the last 3 years.  The social media response has always been incredible with people jumping on board to share their favourite products and posting make-up free selfies!  People can get involved with the hashtag #switchtonatural and can register for some of the wonderful free webinars and events happening throughout the week.  Most importantly, they can start to take a look at the ingredients on some of their own beauty products and start up a conversation about natural beauty in their own circle of friends and family.

There's so many awesome webinars and events this year - whats your pick?

Oh yes it’s such an exciting week!

My picks include:

Live Event in Brisbane, Tuesday 20 October, 10:30am

Naturopath and Nutritional Medicine practitioner Tina Taylor will present a free public workshop to give an insight into how the right foods can result in a radiant appearance and great overall wellbeing.



Your three favourite natural beauty brands and why?

Twenty8 Skincare – it’s a local brand, made in Australia and the range is based on aromatherapy.  It’s just so simple – no hidden nasties and it works beautifully.

Kylie’s Professional Make Up – This range is a mineral make up range but it’s a cut above the rest in terms of quality in my opinion.  Because it’s a professional range the pigments are much stronger and it feels so beautiful to wear.  I love it!

Organic Spa – I love getting a facial with Organic Spa products at the College of Natural Beauty clinic.  It’s heavenly!

What are the most alarming facts about chemicals found in many beauty products?

What shocked me the most was the fact that out of 10,500 ingredients that can be in beauty products, only 89% of them have been tested for safety.  And when you consider how these ingredients get straight into the bloodstream within seconds through our pores, it’s really scary.  

What is one simple, healthy change people could make today when it comes to their beauty regimes?

Switch out their make up remover and replace it with coconut oil  - it’s amazing how well it removes mascara!  

To find out more about Natural Beauty Week, follow the links below:


Natural Beauty Week

College of Natural Beauty


Amanda's FULL Story 

Amanda Rootsey is an eco-model, gentle-living coach, writer & passionate educator.  She spent many years as a fashion model, working in Australia and Europe for labels such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Myer, Alex Perry and Cartier, to name a few.

But after a 2-year battle with cancer, she decided to settle on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  Being diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma certainly changed her perspective on life and inspired her to go vegan, simplify, start meditating, enjoy each moment and encourage others to find their balance and joy in life.

She writes about simple living, natural beauty and eco-fashion on her popular blog and for national publications, while offering gentle-living coaching for women looking to find more peace in their own life.

Amanda also presents a fresh and inspiring take on personal development training for teen girls through her business, Shine From Within, with a strong focus on self-love, compassion for others and healthy living.  Her positive, yet calming attitude provides a nurturing environment for her young students and nothing gives her greater pleasure than to see her students shine bright and realize their full potential.

Still modelling, she is Australia’s only eco-model, working exclusively with eco-friendly and ethical brands who share her values.

You can find more about Amanda (and I highly recommend that you do!) here: