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So you’ve made the switch yourself, but your main squeeze still smells like a walking chemical lab? It’s an all too familiar story and a bit of a tough one if you’ve only just managed to convince him to start using face cream and taking a little extra care! Now you’re finding out that the products you’ve forced upon him might not be all that good for him after all?!

You’ll be pleased to know that there are natural and organic products out there for men that work just as well as my favourite female go-tos.. unfortunately, there's not yet as many options as us ladies have to choose from, though really - how many cologne and deodorants options do most men really care for? Find some of the options below and get him switched to natural stat ladies!


BLACK CHICKEN REMEDIES AXILLA PASTE $18.50 -The most effective (unisex) deodorant on the market! It has quite a earthy/musky scent and it WILL neutralise BO. Seriously. It should also last a good 4-6months too! 


MUKTI DEODORANT $19.95 - If you think your man, dad or bro can't cope with a paste deodorant, try Mukti's spray deodorant. It has a masculine scent and is well suited to fellas who don't get too smelly (if they really get smelly you need to make Axilla work for them!)



This is the perfect all-rounder, multi purpose soap. Gentle enough for using on your body, face or hair, but also powerful enough for cleaning dishes, washing clothes and mopping the floor (he doesn't need to know about the house cleaning part though!)


Lets face it, men need a scrub every now and then! Birch has long been used in both beauty and medicinal formulations and is helpful where there is a reduced ability to rid the body of toxins. The key ingredient in Weleda's Birch products is organic Silver Birch (Betula Alba) grown in South Bohemia (the Czech Republic) and hand picked from certified organic wild harvest.



WELEDA GENLTE SHAVING CREAM $14.95 - Gentle, effective, smells delish, does the job well (what more do they need, right?)

DIVINE MAN SHAVE GEL $19.95 - Gentle, effective, smells divine, does the job well!

FACE CREAMS (aka masculine moisturiser)


VM MEN SANDALWOOD FACE CREAM $34.95Beautifully scented

ANTIPODES IMMORTAL SPF15 FACE & BODY MOISTURISER $47.95 - Luxe moisturiser with spf for those active blokes that might need a little extra face care lovin! 


AROMANTIK MERCHANTS OF MENACE NATURAL EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY $29.00 - with note of Spearmint, French Lavender, French Cacao Absolute, Geranium Bourbon, Dark Indonesian Patchouli, Oakmoss Absolute, Natural Musk Accord.

VANESSA MEGAN DRIFTWOOD NATURAL COLOGNE $34.95 Containing essential oils of sandalwood, peru balsam, frankinsence, myrrh and patchouli.


MUKTI BOTANIQUE SHAMPOO $14.95 - $49.95  - Mukti is one of my all time faves when it comes to natural beauty products and their hair care range is no exception. The products are plant based and jam packed with botanical extracts and nutrients and is perfect for both men and women. 

CURELLE ENERGE NATURAL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER $16.95 This is a great cheap option for the fellas too. It's a vegan-friendly shampoo contains a patented formula to gently emulsify excess sebum without removing your hair and scalp of essential nutrients and oils.

In all honesty, all shampoos and conditioners suited to women are also suited to men! Don't be fooled my marketing hoo-ha. I have a full list and review of Natural and Organic Shampoos and Conditioners coming soon, these two pics above are just good places to start!


RAHUA CREAM WAX $34.95 - This is great for lightweight hold and body. Its not thick and sticky.. its more like a mousse. 

MUKTI HAIR AND BEARD BALM $29.95 - This is great for medium hold as its on the waxier side - It also smells delish. 

D + T HAIR WAX $29.00 - This is a type of Styling Wax that is best used for a dry matt finish on your hair with a nice medium hold.


MUKTI LUXE HAIR SERUM $29.95 - great for those fellas with longer hair. Helps protect, nourish and adds shine for healthy looking hair!

BLACK CHICKEN BEARD OIL $44.00 - great for those with a little more hair on their heads.. and chins! 

Do you have any current favourite natural mens care products we should know about? If so, please share in the comments below, we would love to hear about them!