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When you walk past conventional nail salons there is a distinct chemical smell that you just cannot ignore! Conventional nail polishes are a cocktail of chemicals and unfortunately the impact can be quite severe! But don’t fear! We have some amazing alternatives for you! Here’s our guide to keeping your nails (and body), chemical free!

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Are Your Tampons Making You Sick?

The average woman uses approximately 12 000 tampons in her lifetime. What if we told you each of those tampons was made from cotton that has been heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals and pesticides, would you still feel okay with using these products so intimately? We think it's time to switch to natural, certified organic cotton beauties.. Here's why.

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How Deep Does It Go?

FACT: The average person applies 10 products to their skin daily and absorbs around 130 chemicals through their blood stream..

Now it shouldn't come as a surprise that everything your body absorbs and digests, from food to drugs to skin care, effects the way your body functions and feels... i.e your health and wellness! 

Many toxic ingredients in beauty products can be directly linked to skin conditions and irritations, hormonal disfunction, liver and other vital organ functioning and even tumors and cancers.......

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