I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you all that, yes, I HAVE A HECK OF A LOT of Natural and Organic Beauty products. It comes with the territory - being Australia's ONLY Pro Eco Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger and all (crazy huh?).

As a result, when doing my own my makeup, I seriously have the pick of the LOT. In all honesty though, I'm similar to most women - and I usually can't be bothered spending more than 5-10minutes doing my makeup before running out the door for a job or meeting, etc. I want my daily products to be no-fuss, simple, quick and effective - oh and of course non-toxic!


Here's a list of my current favourites that I use pretty much daily. PLEASE keep in mind that my favourites can change every couple of weeks as there's SO many natural brands out I LOVE that work just as well! It just depends on my mood, the occasion and the season also plays a big part too (our skin changes from Summer to Winter, so our skincare and makeup needs to also).



Mukti Organics Anti Oxidant Facial Oil - Its super light weight, smells delicious, sinks into the skin quickly and is FULL of incredible organic nourishing and healing oils, including Omega 3,6 and 9.  FIND HERE

Vanessa Megan Revitalise Rosehip Oil - A notch up from Rosehip Oil, this mix also includes lemongrass and root vetiver for additional brightening, smoothing and moisturising of the skin. It also smells utterly divine. As much as I like plain rosehip oil, it just doesn't smell as goddess like as other oils.. FIND HERE

Edible Beauty "Coco Bliss Regenerating Mask - If I reach for a moisturiser, I'm likely to go for my this! The Beauty Apocathry is a beautiful, luxurious 100% natural brand that I'm totally loving! This moisturiser is super creamy and hydrating thanks to being jam packed with botanical antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help sooth and soften the skin! It also smells divine! FIND HERE


I love body oils. I often mix it up (because I'm spoilt for choice). I really LOVE my Be Genki Body oils though, they're the perfect balance between lightweight and moisturising and the essential oils used make me feel and smell like a total goddess. If I opt for a moisturiser, I can't go past my favourite Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion - again, I'm a sucker for natural scents and these two top the charts! 


Let it be known that I have SO MANY beautiful foundations.. and I love them all! I often mix it up by wearing a different foundation every couple of weeks.. though these are the two that I usually gravitate back to.. 

RMS Uncover Up - I use this pretty much daily. Partly because the handy (small) packaging so easily fits into my personal makeup bag.. and also because its awesome! Its a great mix between concealer and foundation. I usually just cover hormonal areas, i.e chin, around the nose, under the eyes and a touch on the cheeks. I blend the product out with my fingers for a super natural light-weight coverage (30 second application). FIND AT MECCA

Inika - If I want a tiny bit more coverage, yet still a very natural finish, Inika is my staple. Its lightweight, gives a super natural finish and is perfect for the spring and summer as its not too heavily oil based, meaning you won't end up looking like a shiny disco ball. FIND HERE


Ere Perez - I can't go past my Ere Perez Duo in "Bronze Tones" .. it comes with 2 shades in one compact so it suits me all year round. It has a very light reflective shimmer (only a hint) to help give that beautiful and natural sun-kissed glow. FIND HERE


This is something I always switch up. In all honesty I avoid wearing mascara if I can, as I'm a total beach bum and can't stand having mascara on at the beach (post swim ain't so pretty). Having said that - I do still use it a few times per week depending on the occassion. Lately I've been using Lily Lolo, partly because it gets the job done well (nice medium coverage) and because its really affordable ($24.00), so is great for a daily wear. I tend to keep all of my top notch, slightly more pricey products for my clients, i.e W3ll People and RMS! You can view my full mascara review HERE. 


I often line my top lashes with a black pencil and blend it out with a brush to soften it. I'm loving my 100% pure black and white eyeliner for this! They are the creamiest pencil's I've tried to date. I don't often bother with eyeshadow day-to-day. I just focus on defining the lash line with a pencil for a wide eyed fresh look. 


I'm loving my 100% pure lipstick/tint in peach bisque. I have really neutral coloured lips so I'm constantly applying tinted lip balms to moisturise them and add a hint of colour! I also often wear Karren Murrel, Nudus and Bite Beauty. I love this lippy because its a great size for travel and the lid rarely comes off, like it often does with lipstick! Its also acts like a moisturising balm and a tint/lipstick. I also use and love Hurraw Lipbalms and People For Plants Lipbalms daily.


I often use oils as "highlighters" on myself, mostly out of convenience. So once I've applied my makeup I will then rub a teeeny tiny drop of oil (whatever oil you are moisturising with does the trick) along my cheek bones for that healthy natural glow! I will also use whatever lip balm or lipstick I am using for the cheeks too. I love cream blushes.. and lipsticks act as exactly this! I occasionally mix a touch of a highlighter onto the apples of my cheeks with the blush (or lippy) for a super radiant glow. FIND HERE


Body - Seeing as summer is here and I'm a beach baby.. and I believe the sun is good for us (hello Vitamin D!) in small doses, I know my natural suncreens! My favourites are Wotnot $19.95 and Soleo $32.95. I prefer the light weight coverage of Soleo, though for the price difference, I go with Wotnot which is also great! All natural suncreens are a little thicker than mainstream (thanks to the lack of NASTY thinning agents/chemicals found in conventional sunscreens), some also appear quite "white" though you won't have this problem with Soleo or Wotnot! Wooohoo! FIND HERE

Face - Lamav BB Cream is still one of my favourite summer foundations/sunscreens. I wear this during a day out in summer to get the spf protection along with good coverage which is always handy (you never know who you're going to bump into on Bondi Beach right!? haha). *Please keep in mind that Lamav only comes in one colour, suited to medium and darker skin tones, so if you have fair skin, Lily Lolo BB Cream might be better suited. 


You must have been hiding under a rock if you have missed me (and thousands of others) rave on about how amazing Axilla Black Chicken Remedies Deodorant is! Its because IT SERIOUSLY WORKS. I've never ever used a deodorant, toxic or not, as effective at neutralising B.O as Axilla. Everyone needs this in their life.

If you're somone that doesn't really get much body odour, or you really don't like using the paste formula of Axilla, Mukti Organics is another good option for you. Mukti has just released a spray deodorant thats great. Its not as effective as Axilla but it still works well. FIND HERE



It took me quite a while to commit to using natural shampoos - mainly because I just couldn't find any that were doing my hair favours. I've come to like quite a few now though! My two current favourites are Yarok and Mukti. I also like Intelligent Nutrients and I hear a lot of people love Rahua (though I personally found it a little drying). FIND HERE

Please keep in mind that shampoo is very dependent on your hair's needs. I have long wavy, full bodied, dry, beach hair .. so Yarok tends to tame it, though I don't think 'Feed Your Moisture' would be good for straight, flat hair. Mukti or Rahua might be better options if you are wanting a bit more body? 


I've said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE THE BEACH. As a result of being a mermaid, I have REALLY dry-hair-don't care. No, I do actually care. Hence why I LOVE these goodies.

Feed Your Moisture Treatment  is SO LUSH, it's a hair mask that leaves your hair feeling super silky and moisturised to the max! It also smells edible.. totally yummo!

I'm also loving my Luxe Hair Serum from Mukti too.. I put this in my ends every single day to protect it and add moisture. It also smells totally amazing (it doubles as a *perfume for your hair). FIND HERE

Hope these personal favourites help you to start making the switch to natural beauty!