Organic certification is something increasingly important to look out for with many mainstream brands and products using words like “natural” and “organic” to jump on the green bandwagon. But can they make those claims without actually being organic? The sad truth is, yes they can. The beauty industry remains unregulated meaning brands can put whatever ingredients they like into a product and say anything about the product as there is NO GOVERNING BODY to question these claims. This is why organic certification is SO important.


Australian Certified Organic is a certification board that trace all ingredients back to their place of origin. This means checking that ingredients and products contain no:

  • Synthetic colouring agents
  • Synthetic fragrances/parfums
  • Ethoxylated ingredients
  • Silicones
  • Paraffin
  • Petroleum derived products
  • GMO
  • Petrochemicals
  • Animal testing
  • Preservatives not derived from natural sources

The ACO’s process for certification is extensive and rigorous explained in detail here to ensure that any product with an ACO certification is truly organic.

September is Organic Awareness Month with the mission of educating and raising awareness about the importance of certification and truly understanding what ingredients are in our products and where they come from.


Here is a list of all ACO Certified Organic cosmetics brands that you can trust, we highly recommend supporting these brands for their commitment to only producing the highest quality, genuinely organic products.

  • Barbushco Pty Ltd
  • Southern Cross Botanicals Pty Ltd
  • Organic and Natural Enterprise Group Pty Ltd/ ONEgroup Pty Ltd
  • Purity Essential Oils
  • Summer Snow Organic Tea Tree Oil
  • Australian Botanical Products
  • Organic Formulations Pty Ltd
  • Melrose health
  • GR Davis Pty Ltd
  • The Australian Essential Oil Company
  • Aldaline Pty Ltd
  • Koree Herbs
  • Ausganica Pty Ltd
  • Bondi Scrubs/Naturalea Company (Naughto Pty Ltd) for the Naughton family
  • G&M Australian Cosmetics Pty Ltd
  • Organik Babee
  • X & G Family Holdings Pty Ltd – Ancient Natural Beauty & We Grow For You
  • Aika Wellness
  • Bowraville Tea Tree Farm & Produce
  • The BlackRose Company – Silk Roots Pure Organics
  • Ahira Organics Pty Ltd
  • Anar Australia
  • Aqi Care Pty Ltd
  • Down Under Enterprises International
  • Rawtanica
  • Synthesis
  • Anjali
  • Pharm Organic Pty Ltd
  • Phyto Organics
  • Customee Pty Ltd
  • Brunswick Industries Association Inc
  • Mama Nature 2 Pty Ltd
  • CocoWhirl
  • Pharmascope
  • Logixcorp Pty Ltd – Health Focus Manufacturers
  • Nature’s Child
  • Four Cow Farm Pty Ltd
  • The Divine Company
  • Bonnie House
  • Australian Organic Brans Pty Ltd
  • Endota Products Pty Ltd
  • Scental Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Anderleigh Natural Care
  • Bio Health Pharmaceuticals
  • Liquid Filling Australia
  • MommaGreen Pty Ltd
  • Lariese Pty Ltd
  • Like No Udder Soaps
  • Cawarra Cosmetics Pty Ltd
  • Vanessa Megan
  • Native Oils Australia Pty Ltd
  • Argan Life Australia
  • Wattle Health Australia Limited
  • Colbar QSR Pty Ltd
  • Nirvana Health Products
  • Ingredients Plus Pty Ltd
  • Auromatics Pty Ltd
  • The Rosehip Specialists Pty Ltd
  • Organic Island
  • Botany Essentials Pty Ltd
  • Advance Pharma Developments
  • Baker & Co Ingredients Pty Ltd
  • Aromatic Ingredients Pty Ltd
  • Wot Not Naturals Pty Ltd
  • Delta Laboratories Pty Ltd
  • Eco Botanicals Pty Ltd
  • Jenbrook Pty Ltd
  • Cosmetic Manufacturers (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • People for Plants
  • Lena WA Pty Ltd – Savi Organics
  • Every Bit Organic Pty Ltd
  • Main Camp Natural Extracts Pty Ltd
  • Natureal
  • Papaver Pty Ltd
  • The Beauty Chef – Carla Oates Beauty
  • Springfields Australia Pty Ltd
  • Grown Australia Pty Ltd
  • Bonchic Pty Ltd
  • Harmoni Organics
  • Fravin Pty Ltd – Greenlab Organics/Abache
  • Tilley Soaps Australia Pty Ltd
  • Inline Cosmetic Laboratories
  • Little Innocents
  • Soap Solutions
  • Planet Eve Organics
  • Jadro Industries Pty Ltd – Natrocare Laboraties
  • Y Natural Skincare
  • Nature Shop
  • The Natural Green Chemistry Company Pty Ltd
  • Pharma Cosmetics
  • Canvas Beauty Pty Ltd
  • Pure and Green Organics Pty Ltd – Zkin Organics
  • Trueway International Pty Ltd
  • Eyre Bio Botanics
  • Vrindavan Natural Body Care
  • Cosmark Pty Ltd
  • Natural Choice Cosmetics Pty Ltd
  • Natural Beauty Care Pty Ltd
  • Lanopearl Pty Ltd
  • Harmont Harvest Pty Ltd
  • Perfect Potion
  • The Pharmaceutical Plant Company
  • African Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Natures Care Manufacture
  • New Directions Australia
  • Natraganics Pty Ltd – Avado Organics
  • Sydney Essential Oil Co. Pty Ltd
  • Mt Romance Australia Pty Ltd – Australian Sandalwood Oil Co Pty Ltd
  • Greencare Developments Pty Ltd

Always look for the signature bud logo for ACO certification and check back to their site if you are unsure whether a brand or product is certified. It really is so important for...

Our health, the health of the environment and animal welfare

... to know exactly where your products and ingredients are coming from.

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