8 TOXIN FREE, ORGANIC PERFUMES - that smell like the real deal!

Hanako Therapies

There’s something magical about our sense of smell. Have you ever walked past someone wearing the very first perfume you owned and felt the excitement of your adolescent years come rushing back? Or smelt the salt of the ocean and been taken back to those endless summer holidays in the sun? Our sense of smell is so closely associated with memory that the slightest hint can arouse powerful emotions almost instantaneously. It’s amazing right?! 

It STOPS being amazing when cosmetic companies come along and take advantage of it. The whole perfume industry is built around these associations. They advertise fragrances as conveying feelings of power, beauty and irresistibly. And maybe they do. The problem is that the ingredients used to convey these feelings are more often than not - harmful chemicals. These chemicals are being absorbed, inhaled and ingested by millions of people everyday.... and let me tell you - the results ain't so pretty!

Once you find your ‘signature scent’ it can be hard to break away from it. It becomes synonymous with who you are, right? A part of your personality? I get it. But is it really worth compromising your health for? It’s okay to cheat on your perfume… in fact I highly recommend it when there are so many non-harmful alternatives available on the market. 

LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE WORLD OF NATURAL AND ORGANIC PERFUME... All personally tested and trialled by yours truly..

Acorelle Infusion Lotus


Acorelle is for those of you who want a product that is similar to the mainstream brands.. and not too "hippie-smelling". Its an all natural and organic perfume from French beauty house, Laboratoire Odysud. The fragrances are light, uplifting and refreshing with notes of essential oils, but nothing too overwhelming!

PERSONAL REVIEW - I have tested 4 of these bad boys.. and I pretty much love them all! I love fresh, citrusy, summery scents - so 'Lotus' is right up my ally. I also really like 'Rose'... and don't mind Vanilla too. At the end of the day, everyone has very personal preference when it comes to scents, so make sure you read the description (I find them to be pretty on point when describing the floral or citrus notes)!.

At $79.95 for full size it’s a little pricier than other natural alternatives, but it’s still 50% of the price of brands like Chanel and 100% better for you. They also come in smaller travel size for $29! FIND HERE

One Seed Perfumes

One Seed perfumes are 100% natural, contain a minimum of 80% organic ingredients, are vegan, cruelty-free and Australian made.... oh and the packaging is TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS.

PERSONAL REVIEW I was lucky enough to receive the sample set of these perfumes.. I first noticed just how potent and concentrated they are.. One Seed are some serious quality and long lasting perfumes! I find the scents to all be quite earthy and unique. They are beautiful, you just need to be sure to choose the right match for you.. These are the perfect long lasting natural perfumes for those who like hippie scents with a unique twist.

Their perfumes are $75.00 for 30ml, but they also sell samples and travel sizes which are super convenient and affordable. FIND HERE

One Seed Bohemia
One Seed Freedom

Hanako Therapies

Hanako Therapies

Hanako Therapies fragrances are made from all natural ingredients including GEM and FLOWER ESSENCES, CRYSTAL INFUSED WATER, MANTRAS AND LOVE.  Not only do they smell amazing, but can also help heal the body.. (talk about amazing).

PERSONAL REVIEW - Lets just start with - I love these fragrances. Let it be known that they are typically a bit hippie-smelling with the perfect balance of freshness (my perfect blend).. They are perfect for spritzing on throughout the day to balance, lift or ground your mood. As they are not alcohol bases, they do fade a little quicker than regular perfumes, though for the price... I don't think there's much of a compromise!

They are the perfect handbag size and only costs $29.95. FIND HERE

Perfect Potions

Perfect Potion’s products are made from certified organic, essential oils and plant extracts that are gentle on your skin and work to revitalise your body, soul and spirit.

PERSONAL REVIEW - I first discovered just how amazing Perfect Potions, potions were several years ago (way before I was an official "natural and organic beauty advocate).. I have gone through almost every scent in their shop and I can't talk highly enough about ALL of their blends... from there "Pulse Point" roll ons to their "Chakra Balancing Mist" and "Green Goddess" Perfume. They are all so good, and there's so many options I'm fairly certain almost anyone could walk in to their store and walk out with a fragrance they love! 

Their Eau de Toilette and perfume fragrances range from $24.95 to $46.95 so they are very affordable. They also have a great collection of 'Pulse Points' that a perfect for rolling onto your wrists, nape of your neck or behind the ear. FIND HERE

Perfect Potion Chakra Mist
Perfect Potion Pulse Point

Vanessa Meagan

Vanessa Megan has a beautiful collection of natural perfumes. Every one is unique, alcohol free and 100% natural, infused with creatively selected certified organic essential oils. All of their perfumes are designed to encourage feeling of satisfaction empowered by aromatherapy. Their perfume blends feature essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, patchouli, mandarin, geranium, blood orange, neroli, clove, vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and peruvian balsam.

Vanessa Meagan - Darling Natural Perfume


I absolutely LOVE the essential Blend Natural Perfume, its such a beautiful blend and balance of earthy yet fresh floral scents. It lasts really well and makes me feel oh so spesh! I've also tried 'Darling' - this has a strong orange/mandarin citrusy twist for those who like strong fresh fruity scents.

$49.95 for 50ml. FIND HERE

Shemana Elixirs

Individually handmade with Organic Botanical Oils, Superfood Plant Extracts and scented with pure Essential Oils.

Sourced for their anti-aging, restorative, nourishing and balancing properties. Shemana Skincare is infused with their own vibrational remedies of Crystal Codes and Flower Essences to assist in the nourishment of body, clarity of mind and balance of self!


I am totally in love with these Elixirs - there really is something special about them (I think its the vibrational remedies of crystals) that makes you FEEL, and smell, sooo good. They are quite light and fresh with a hint of flowery or earthy goodness! As they are mists as opposed to perfumes, you can spray away without holding back and they won't be too overpowering like other perfumes. Might not be suited to those who are looking for a long-lasting scent/perfume. Amazing for those who are happy to spritz therapeutic top-ups throughout the day! 

They range from $33 dollars. FIND HERE

IME Natural Perfume 

The IME perfume range is made from 100% natural ingredients and includes pure botanical extracts and essential oils derived from flowers, grasses, herbs, spices, bark, buds from around the world. They are also free from any artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens and synthetic ingredients.


In all honesty, I have only tried one of these perfumes.. and I LIKED IT - A LOT. So I'm pretty confident that IME is onto the right blends .. and obviously they are all naturaleeee and I must admit, I'm a sucker for their super cute packaging!

Get the Box Set with all 9 scents HERE

IME Natural Perfume


LAVANILA,'s The Healthy Fragrance collection has four beautiful Vanilla blended scents. Each scent carefully infuses pure essential oils with 100 percent natural botanicals for fragrances that are fresh, clean, and nurturing. 


Super fresh scents.. I have only tried one of the fragrances but it was very fresh, clean and delish. I love a brand that comes with half size travel testers too - so you have the change to try before you commit to the full size bottle!

They cost either $85 for full size and are available HERE



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