It is undeniable that we are in a time of ferocious schedules, bursting ical’s, commitments galore and the S bomb being dropped more times a day than you can count on your hands. The S bomb- STRESS- the epidemic of living in the fast lane whether you want to or not, the root of imbalanced health and the current state of affairs for many of you frazzled beauties. 

I am sure this above paragraph just made your chest tighten, and perhaps you have also been holding your breath, clenching your fists even just reading this! I solemnly swear that the rest of the article will be soothing and full of antidotes to combat the S word. 

My practice is in restorative medicine, with so many of my clients coming in feeling a shell of themselves, burnt out and downright weary. This is an area I love to support in, deep restoration. 

There are some very simple interventions that you can begin now to reclaim your mojo and restore your deep well of vitality. 


Regardless of how hippie dippie it may sound, I am not going to even downplay how important this is! There is solid science around this babes! Also it has been practiced for as long as time can remember. Nature as medicine, a pure potent accessible way to untangle your nervous system, reduce stress, inflammation and pain. Nature, well she is everywhere- look up to the sky, look down to the grass, the trees over there, the ocean nearby, the mighty mountains, the wild rivers. Whether you are city side, or in the jungle there is no shortage of nature and her elements. 

Depending on the state of your nervous system (high stress, exhaustion, anxiety), you can practice earthing for shorter periods (5-10 mins) or longer periods (30-40 mins), begin with what is in your means to craft a regular practice. Kick off your shoes, and get on that grass! 

We as humans are bioelectrical, we are a conductive body. Earth has gentle electrical energy, which has an effect via stabilising our bioelectrical bodies via absorbing free electrons from the earths energy and therefore intelligently creating the eradication of free radicals. In non nerdy speak- Earthing is a potent antioxidant! And we all love antioxidants! We know how wonderful they are for our bodies, our skin, anti ageing, supporting all health conditions. Bring them on. 


This is a broad topic, but one I feel is so overlooked in our speedy society. Unfortunately many traditions in our ancestral lines have likely been lost, rituals of our great great grandparents may be long gone. We are generally not taught the importance of ritual in our lives, personally in my suburban Sydney side upbringing there was no mention of this! Ritual does not have to be a shamanic practice or a tribal dance, we can reclaim it in our modern day.

The ritual of meditation, tea drinking, body movement, connecting to nature, burning incense or essential oils, journalling, reading. It is all about creating sacred space for self, and the intention is paramount! 


Such a simple intervention, conveniently crossing over into both realms of the above suggestions. Infusions are uncomplicated herbal medicine, effortless plant medicine that naturally yield ritual. The act of tapping into your body, choosing your herbs for your infusion, boiling your water, brewing and steeping your tea, and then the exhale that cup of medicinal magic can bring to your day. Do not underestimate the power of infusions!

Herbs work beautifully infused, they can be potent and full of health and healing benefits. My suggestion is to go with herbs you feel drawn to, let your intuition be the guide. If you have been drawn to a particular herb, or herbal tea blend its for a reason! There is no coincidence that it keeps popping up into your field, truly it is an invitation. 

My advice for infusions is to steep for at least 20 minutes (you can also do a longer 4-10 hour overnight brew for extra potency and drink cool in the morning) with a sealed lid- you can use a small plate over a tea cup to keep in all the medicinal oils and properties. Using dried herbs is preferable when creating a medicinal infusion as the dried herb holds available minerals and phytochemicals when infused. 

My favourite herbal combination infusion for weary adrenals (our glands responsible for stress hormone production and release) and a frayed nervous system is oat straw and nettle. Nettle is a beautifully adrenally restorative herb, and oat straw fortifies the nerves. These uncomplicated remedies can yield incredibly positive results! 

I hope the above suggestions have shown you how wellness interventions do not need to be incredibly complex, unaffordable, out of reach or downright intimidating. These three recommendations are easy going, uncomplicated and can assist you to return to your centre, slow down, refresh and unwind. I am wishing you all rays of restoration! 

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Written by Erin Lovell Verinder. Erin is a fully qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Energetic Healer, health expert, mentor and wellness writer. Her Naturopathic philosophy is based on weaving the wisdoms of functional medicine with nutritional interventions, grassroots herbal & energetic medicines to deliver a wholesome high vibrational experience for your being. If you're interested in seeing Erin, have a look HERE.