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For those beauties who have attended any of my Depths events, chances are, you would have walked away with a little green tube of this liquid-gold, SKIN FOOD - and thats because I LOVE sharing this incredible all-rounder natural product from one of my favourite biodynamic, sustainable, ethical and cruelty free brands.. WELEDA.

 I have joined forces with Weleda to spread the love and help celebrate 90 years of Skin Food and its my absolute pleasure to tell you a little more about the  Skin Food Story!

The Skin Food Story

Dr. Rudolph Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman in 1921 created one of the first bio-dynamic gardens in the world in Switzerland, based on their belief that the body can heal itself, particularly when supported by nature. This global best seller is having its 90th birthday this year! That’s right! It’s been saving dry hands and elbows for 90 years! This is testament to the incredible quality of the natural ingredients used in this product (100% natural- of course!) and the incredible results people have when using it which just goes to show that natural products really do work! And better than products filled with chemical nasties that do anything but help your skin and health! Even Adele is known to be on board with this one, so read on to find out just what this amazing cream can do for your skin!

What is Skinfood?

Skinfood is a natural body cream used to hydrate, calm, heal and protect your skin. It can be used ANYWHERE at all that needs to extra love from the incredible healing properties of plant oils and extracts.

The Magic Ingredients!

Calendula Flower Extract- An anti-inflammatory and great for reducing redness and healing

Organic Chamomile- To soothe skin irritation

Wild Pansy- Calming for any skin irritation such as eczema and acne

Sunflower Seed Oil- Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to promote healing and hydration

Sweet Almond Oil- Provides a protective barrier for skin

Rosemary Leaf Extract- This extract has anti-septic qualities help to heal wounds or blemishes on the skin. It also promotes circulation, which can aid in the skin’s healing process



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I also wanted to recommend a few of our other Weleda stand-out favourites, incase your needing to detox your bathroom cabinet with the offer above - we recommend giving the below natural winners a whirl.


                                 Weleda skin food $14.95

                                 Weleda skin food $14.95


Full review as seen above. 


                       Weleda body oil $29.95

                       Weleda body oil $29.95




WELEDA REGENERATING BODY OILS - These are hands down one of my favourite all over body oils - they're super hydrating and nourishing without leaving an oily residue. 

Highlights: Organic macadamia nut and jojoba seed oils absorb easily and protect against moisture loss. Extract of golden millet and sunflower petals, provide the skin with nutrients to keep the skin firm and elastic.


                  Weleda pampering lotion $25.95

                  Weleda pampering lotion $25.95

WELEDA PAMPERING BODY LOTION - Absolutely delicious, light weight body moisturiser that leaves skin feeling silky smooth and smelling heavenly! 

Highlights: The precious formulation with organic wild rose oil, jojoba
oil and hamamelis noticeably smoothes the skin. The precious fragrance of the Damascene rose indulges the senses.


                             Weleda cleansing milk $24.95

                             Weleda cleansing milk $24.95

GENTLE CLEANSING MILK - This was one of the first products I ever tried from Weleda and I absolutely loved it (and still do). It smells utterly divine - so fresh and slightly floral. Its super gentle on the skin and efficiently cleans skin, without leaving any dryness. 

Highlights: The mild combination of natural ingredients, such as cold-pressed jojoba oil and sesame oil, along with witch hazel extract, mean that the skin is gently cleansed without drying out.



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HAVE YOU TRIED SKIN FOOD YET BEAUTIES? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below..

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