"Since working with the incredible Depths Of Beauty she has really opened my eyes to the harmful toxins that are used in everyday makeup and how it can have such a major effect on our body. It is so important to nourish and respect your skin. So excited to start using these babies!" - JORDAN SIMEK (Model)


"It was such a great day! I am pleased to say that I have not used any of my old products on my skin and have ordered a few of the suggested products. I can see huge differences in my skin even after a week!" - ASHLEIGH ROLFE (Workshop client)

"I took the session with Em because it occurred to me that for so many years I had been so careful about eating well and organic and always had such a great relationship with exercise and diet but that it had never occurred to me that what I was putting on my skin was un-doing so much of the good I was doing. Em went super easy on me and didn't really push anything but what she was saying made so much sense so the switch was easy. Almost instantly my skin brightened up, my forehead was smoother and I felt like I was really looking after myself." GEORGIA VAN TIEL (Client)


Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for doing such an amazing job with mine, my bridesmaids and my mothers make up for the wedding! It was such a lovely process working with you and we were all super happy with the final result for the day, everyone looked and felt great! - HADAS LUCIANO (Wedding Client)

"Emmily Banks is a gorgeous soul who is beyond committed to her passion surrounding the importance of natural and non-toxic beauty. Through her Depths of Beauty business, Emmily has created a multitude of ways to share her wisdom to help others discover authentic and non harmful ways to enhance their inner glow. Back to basics health and happiness are Emmily's core beliefs, and she is on a mission to support a movement towards wellbeing-conscious beauty - inside and outside for both people and the planet." - VICKI HEATH (Client & Wellness Author)

"Before I met Emmily, the thought that makeup and skincare could be doing me more than harm than good had never even crossed my mind. Thank god Em was able to open my eyes to some of the nasty additives that mainsteam makeup brands use. Em's private consult was so informative and she helped me choose the right brands and colours for my skin tones. Since making the switch I've never looked back!" - NEELA SHEARER (Client)


Emmily did our makeup at one of my best friends weddings recently, and we just loved it! I own Soak Society, and am incredibly passionate about natural beauty and wellness, so to find a makeup artist that uses all natural and organic products? My dream had come true! Em was relaxed and took the time to understand our concerns. For me, it was that I wasn't used to wearing a lot of makeup. I was so happy with the outcome! Highly recommend. - NAT from SOAK SOCIETY (Client)


"I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Emmily on all of my campaign shoots for Alexandra Redmond Jewellery. On my first ever shoot day, I pulled everything I owned and two best friends along to help without knowing what to expect. Emmily not only created a range of stunning looks, she styled and looked after the shots whilst I flapped around grabbing outfits and Jewellery. After that day I knew she would be at any campaign shoot I ever do, as her talented makeup artistry, assistance, calm nature and most of all, being a ball of fun, was invaluable" - ALEXANDRA REDMOND JEWELLERY (Client)

"Knowing Emmily, her skill, and how special her presence is, made choosing a makeup artist for my wedding in October easy. I knew the girls and I would love for her to be around us all on such a special day and the makeup she creates will be natural, beautiful and completely right". - ALEXANDRA REDMOND (Client)


Emmily's passion for natural beauty is contagious. With a wealth of knowledge and such a willingness to help others understand the importance of beauty from the inside out and the outside in, she is both a wonderful teacher and the perfect example of healthy, natural beauty. This beauty is creating awareness and igniting positive change in a fun and inspiring way! - JEHAN ABOUHAMAD (Workshop Client)

“I have had really bad eczema my entire life, after going from doctor to doctor to dermatologist a friend suggested I try Depths of Beauty. I was sick of using cortisone creams that the doctors would prescribe as they only mask the problem and my skin never actually healed. Emmily gave me an entire beauty regime to follow from natural oils for my skin to the type of natural makeup that would suit my skin tone and sensitivity. Emmily did my makeup for me and it looked just as amazing as all the “normal” mainstream brands, the only difference: these all natural products are SO MUCH BETTER for your skin. Safe to say I have 100% converted to all natural organic products for my skin and I have seen the biggest improvement on not just my face but my entire body, thanks Depths of Beauty!” - CLAUDIA SINCLAIR (Client)


It was a pleasure to work with you from the trial to the wedding day. You accommodated my requests and gave great advice as to the style of makeup. I’m glad I took your advice on the day as it was exactly what I envisaged :) My mum and sister were impressed with the quality of the natural products you use and everyone was asking for your details to find out more about natural beauty. You are changing people’s perceptions and educating them about natural products so congratulations and keep going on your mission! I am def a convert and a big fan! Looking forward to see what your up to in the new year. - FIONA BURNS (Wedding Client)

"I'm starting to make the switch, slowly. Em you inspire me everytime you do my makeup, I really do need to thank you for opening my eyes." - OCEANA STRACHAN (Model)