Why make the switch to natural beauty??

FACT: The average person applies a minimum of 10 products to their skin daily and absorbs around 130 chemicals through their bloodstream.

So here’s the lowdown:

  • That gorgeous skin you’re wrapped in is your largest organ.
  • Your skin absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients you place on it.
  • Within as little 26 seconds these ingredients are swimming around your bloodstream.

Everything your body absorbs and digests, impacts the way your body functions and feels, i.e. your health and wellness! 

Many of the toxic ingredients found in mainstream beauty products can be directly linked to:

  • skin conditions and irritations;
  • hormonal disfunction;
  • impaired liver and other vital organ function; and
  • tumors and cancers.

Here’s a few great reasons to make the switch:


Health and wellness is arguably our greatest asset. If we really want to be feeling and functioning our very best we need to care of ourselves from the inside out AND the outside in. This means being mindful of what we put ON our bodies, as well as in them.

And if your own health and wellness isn’t a big enough incentive, what about that of the people you love? It’s not unusual for women to push their own health aside but when it comes to the health of their children and family it’s often a different story!


Would you still happily lather on that anti-aging night cream if you knew it’s testing process was sending bunnies blind? Shockingly, there are still many large cosmetic companies that partake in the inhumane practice of animal testing. 

“Millions of rabbits, dogs, cats, mice and other animals are burned, poisoned and killed in painful and unnecessary tests each year for the sake of cosmetics and toiletries. Finished products (and/or their individual ingredients) are frequently tested on animals overseas before making their way to Australia.” - Animals Australia


By choosing natural products we’re reducing the demand for the production of toxic chemicals. This means less harmful residue is being disposed into waterways and landfill, cutting down the circulation of toxins in our precious ecosystem. Meaning cleaner air and water for us and the generations to come! Win, right?!

Ready to get started? Here’s some hot tips to get you on your way…

TIP #1 - Know Your Ingredients. 

It’s time to start flipping over that pretty packaging and familiarise yourself with all those big words you can’t pronounce, ie. TOXINS! For a head start on some of the most common and harmful chemicals found in mainstream beauty and personal care products check out TOXINS 101.

If delving into the nitty gritty of toxicology isn’t your thing check out the Think Dirty App! Simply download this baby and start scanning. Think Dirty will give products a rating from 1 to 10 based on carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity and allergies and immunotoxicity. There’s also a full breakdown of the ingredients with their use and health impacts if you want to dive deeper!

TIP #2 - Don’t put anything ON your skin that you wouldn’t put IN your face. 

When we apply nasty chemicals to our skin it’s actually more harmful than swallowing them. Toxins being absorbed directly through the skin are skipping the all important digestion process which aids in filtering out some of the nasties before they hit the bloodstream. So, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t even think about applying it to that beautiful sponge like layer we call ‘skin’.

TIP #3 - Explore the alternatives. 

The natural beauty industry has come a long way over the past few years and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be using nourishing, natural, organic, ethical and cruelty free products, for our health and the health of the planet! 

We are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to natural and organic products that are effective, affordable and accessible. There are plenty of product reviews on Depths of Beauty to get you started!   

TIP #4 - Replace old nasties for new naturals.

This can be a little overwhelming so do it gradually, a few products at a time. As one runs out, replace it with a healthier alternative and little by little you can start building up a new collection of beautiful, natural and nourishing beauty and personal care products. 

For easy access to all the good stuff head over to two of my favourite online eco beauty stores Beautiful Because and Nourished Life. 

And just in case you haven't had enough, check out these additional resources for more great info:

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics coalition, a project of the Breast Cancer Fund, works to protect the health of consumers, workers and the environment through public education and engagement, corporate accountability and sustainability campaigns and legislative advocacy designed to eliminate dangerous chemicals linked to adverse health impacts from cosmetics and personal care products.

Shop Ethical

The Ethical Consumer Group is a community based, not-for-profit organisation and network, set up to help facilitate more sustainable purchasing practices for the everyday consumer. Based in Australia, the goal is to educate and empower people to make shopping choices that better reflect their values and to use their consumer power to create a better world.

The Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, they aim to drive consumer choice and civic action.

Think Dirty

Think Dirty® is committed to helping consumers identify the potential risks associated with the personal care products they use every day. Unlike other ingredient databases, Think Dirty focuses exclusively on the chemical content of the products in question.

This is a fantastic free app where consumers are able to scan or look up most products on the market to receive a rating from 1-10 for toxicity, including links to research and studies of ingredients.