Features trailblazing conscious women including:

  • Road tripping and eco-livin’ with Elise Cook

  • Uncovering the moon and the stars with Ezzie Spencer

  • From snowballs to sharing Krumballs with Keira Rumble

  • Body love, inner positivity and mental health awareness with Allie Athanasio

  • Embodying your truth and the power of storytelling with Lara Baidoo

  • Eco-activewear line founder talking inner beauty and finding kinder alternatives with Lauren Vickers

  • Leading female fitness expert talks about her mission to change the lives of over 10 million women  Emily Campbell

  • Creator of Supercharged Food wellness hub Lee Holmes, talks Supercharging your life; from the inside out  Lee Holmes

  • and so much more..



  • Former Miss Universe Tegan Martin

  • Health and Wellness Guru Melissa Ambrosini

  • Founder of Women’s Nude Yoga and crystal sex toy entrepreneur Rosie Rees

  • The Energiser Cassey Maynard

  • Advocate for Embodying your truth and the power of storytelling Lara Baidoo

  • The answers to our MOST frequently asked questions including…

    • Natural fake tan

    • The difference between serums/oils/moisturisers

    • Our beauty kit essentials

    • Best Mascaras

    • When to use a BB cream and CC cream

      and SO MUCH MORE…

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